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Track or create a shipment?
Track or create a shipment?

International transport

For years, we have excelled in offering transportation services beyond our national borders. We maintain control over the operations ourselves.: all our shipments in the Benelux and Germany are delivered with our own trucks to ensure Roemaat quality and minimize the risk of damage. Beyond that, we have our own international network and also maintain the control there.

Fast international deliveries in-house

Wherever we go, we always guarantee Roemaat quality. What does that mean? The fastest possible delivery, flexible drivers, and your complete transport in the Benelux and Germany are managed in-house. No hubs or unnecessary transfers, just one truck throughout the entire transport. This way, we minimize the risk of damage to your goods.

Furthermore, we go beyond that: Roemaat Transport operates worldwide. With reliable partners in an international network, we can fulfill our quality promise.

From Start to Finish
Whether by land, air, or sea, we arrange the transport of your goods from A to Z.
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The Right Documents
We know the ins and outs of handling customs activities and we will completely take care of this for you.
Reliable Network
We have a worldwide network of reliable partners with whom we can fulfill our promises.

Speak the Language

We mean this literally, because our drivers and forwarding specialists are proficient in German, English, and (partially) French and are also familiar with the workings of the respective country. Small changes in the schedule or location? No problem; we are available and are eager to solve any interruptions big or small.

Quality Above All

Faster isn't always better, we know from experience. We prefer to ensure that we deliver your shipment undamaged from A to B, and of course within the agreed-upon delivery time.

Digital Where Possible, Paper Where Necessary

In foreign countries, ADR and CMR documentation is still often requested on paper. Despite our focus on digitization, we will fulfill this request.
Specific transport options

International transport with a bit more challenge? No problem.

Challenge us. We like that!
Groupage & Oversized Items

For carrying the most diverse sizes and weights.

Truck-Mounted Forklift Delivery

Delivery by a truck-mounted forklift is our specialty!

Scheduled Delivery

Just in time delivery where you can count on!


All of our drivers are certified to transport hazardous materials.

Drop Shipment & Home Delivery (B2C)

For (webshop) shipments to over the threshold.

Dedicated Transport

We transport your goods worldwide.

FTL (Full Truck Load)

For complete loads.

Express Delivery

Express Delivery? We're available!

Want to entrust your transport and logistics to Roemaat? We'll guide you through the options.