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Track or create a shipment?
Track or create a shipment?

Always on the move

Every day, more than 86 Roemaat drivers travel throughout the Benelux and Germany. Additionally, we have a vast international network to ensure our customers' goods reach their destination. All with a big smile, as transport is our passion.

How can we further assist you?
National transport

We will deliver your shipment within 24 hours.

International transport

We arrange your transport worldwide.

Transport with a Mission

Getting the right product to the right place and at the right time, within the challenges of today's world. That's our mission, and it's what gets us out of bed every day. Transport today goes beyond simply moving goods from A to B: themes like sustainability and data are now indispensable. We keep ourselves updated about the latest developments and possibilities, and we bring our customers along on this journey.

With smart systems, we provide you with insight into important data, routes, and the footprint of your goods at a glance.
Close-knit Distribution
With dense distribution network, we consolidate piece goods by region into one load, ensuring a high drop density. Efficient and sustainable.
Full service
In addition to handling your transport, with our own warehouses and our knowledge of air and sea freight, we can also take care of your entire logistics process.

We Make Everything Fit

From balustrades to chalets, and from insulation material to fireworks. Our strength lies in transporting irregular goods, specializing in oversized goods of all shapes and sizes.

Fast and Reliable

Fast service is our standard. We're ready to depart even for express deliveries.

Always Self-Unloading

No access to unloading facilities? No problem: all our combinations are equipped with a tail lift or truck-mounted forklift. These forklifts enable our drivers to unload practically anywhere.
Our Transport Options

Unusual dimensions, ADR goods, or complete takeover of your logistics chain? There's no challenge we won't accept.

Give us a challenge, we love it!
Delivered within 24 hours!

We deliver your goods within 24 hours!

Groupage & Oversized Items

For carrying the most diverse sizes and weights.

Truck-Mounted Forklift Delivery

Delivery by a truck-mounted forklift is our specialty!

Scheduled Delivery

Just in time delivery where you can count on!


All of our drivers are certified to transport hazardous materials.

Drop Shipment & Home Delivery (B2C)

For (webshop) shipments to over the threshold.

Dedicated Transport

We transport your goods worldwide.

FTL (Full Truck Load)

For complete loads.

Express Delivery

Express Delivery? We're available!

Want to entrust your transport and logistics to Roemaat? We'll guide you through the options.