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Track or create a shipment?
Track or create a shipment?

As a trusted partner in transportation and logistics, we provide assurance in maintaining seamless operations amidst an ever-evolving world. We'll guide and support you every step of the way.

Onward. Together.

Partnering with Roemaat Transport offers optimal solutions for your logistical requirements. With expertise in navigating both domestic and international routes, we ensure complete supervision throughout the entire process. Whether on land, sea, or in the air, our integration of sustainable technology and intelligent data management empowers you to oversee your logistical operations seamlessly.

We term this collaborative effort "Onward. Together”
Domestic transportation

From ADR-compliant shipments to oversized cargo: we ensure 24 hour or less delivery within the Netherlands for every transport.

International transport

We also know the ways beyond the borders.


With room for more than 30,000 pallet spaces, we handle the intake, storage, and dispatch of your goods.

Air & sea freight

We facilitate transport to destinations worldwide. We understand the regulations and will take care of all the paperwork for you.

Logistical peace of mind

With Roemaat as your partner in transport and logistics, you will have complete peace of mind.

We add value

Our quality standard

Anyone can claim to deliver quality, however fulfilling that promise is what matters. We handle all our shipments ourselves in the Benelux and Germany, our warehouses are self-managed, and we have our own international network. This way, we can guarantee our quality standard at every step of the process. With our own people and under our own control.

Real-time data insight

We use advanced software systems that provide both us and our customers with real-time insight into deliveries, routes, and inventory management. This data gives us the insights to continuously optimize your transport and logistics. Continuous improvement is woven in our DNA.

On the way to a green future

As a transport company and logistics service provider, we take responsibility for a sustainable future. Thanks to partnerships with colleges and universities, participation in innovation projects, and our 'MT of the future,' we lead the way regarding sustainability in the transport industry. As a customer, you benefit directly from this.
Who are the 'Roemaat' people?

We are down-to-earth locals (Dutch word ‘Achterhoekse’) but we operate globally. We say what we do, do what we say, and recognize what we mean to each other.

That's the Roemaat mentality

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190+ colleagues with the same mindset

Only when every link in the chain is right, will you achieve the optimal result. This applies in transport, in logistics, and within our team. From driver to warehouse employees, and from mechanics to the financial department: we are 100% in sync with each other.

Innovation & sustainability

Every day, we think about how we can make our services smarter, more efficient, and greener. We lead the way in data, intelligent software, and sustainable solutions, gladly including our clients along for the journey. Super gratifying!

Embracing the Roemaat heart

60 years ago, Aloys Roemaat embarked on his journey with just one truck. Today, our operations span the globe, encompassing transportation, warehousing, and air & sea freight, all while maintaining the same familial atmosphere from our humble beginnings.
Maximize your career potential in the field of transport and logistics.

Working at Roemaat entails engaging in your passion daily. Learning, developing, and contributing your own ideas, within a team of young talents, experienced specialists, and eager thinkers and doers. Whatever the path is that you've taken: with the right mindset, you're welcome here. Ready to become part of our Roemaat team?

work at roemaat
work at Roemaat
Want to entrust your transport and logistics to Roemaat? We'll guide you through the options.