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Track or create a shipment?

Together. On the Road.

Whether on the road, in our warehouses, or in the office, at Roemaat, we do it together.

Always Nearby

Operating globally, we maintain our local 'Achterhoek' down-to-earth mindset.

We cover thousands of kilometers every day but keep our connections close. This applies to our partnerships with customers and also to our relationships among colleagues. How do we do it? Simply put: through genuine interest and attention to each other, both with customers and colleagues. We speak our minds, know what to expect from one another, recognize each other's strengths, learn from one another, and help each other grow. This is how we improve together, bit by bit, every single day.

Together on the Road with Assurance

Your peace of mind is our colleagues' number one priority. With proper coordination and preparation, we ensure flawless collaboration. This way, you are guaranteed the best service in transport and logistics.

Together on the Road to the Future

We're driving towards the future, quite literally. A sustainable future with innovative ways to reduce emissions. But also a future with more efficiency through data, connections, and automation. We build connections everywhere, physically and digitally. Our team is a mix of young and experienced individuals, leading you towards the future.

Together on the Road with Each Other

Your peace of mind is our colleagues' number one priority. With proper coordination and preparation, we ensure flawless collaboration. This way, you are guaranteed the best service in transport and logistics.
One Large Family

Getting to Know the Roe-mates

"I was 16 and thought: I'll work at Roemaat for a year, then I'll see. Now, I've been here for 17 years." Several members from our team have similar stories: starting at a young age and remaining ever since. Creating friendships, advancing, and still making plenty of plans for the future. We're proud of that!

Friday Afternoon Drinks

Hard Workers with a Passion for Transport and Logistics

In addition to fathers and sons, friends and acquaintances, and seasoned locals, our enthusiastic non-locals are also a warm addition and complete our team. Like Toon: a driver for 40 years and only settled in our region a few years ago. "At Roemaat, I discovered a welcoming environment where I feel completely at ease."

Establishment - 1964

1964 was the year in which Aloys Roemaat founded the family business of the same name. Together with his wife Marietje, he ensured that the company's young roots were firmly established. The company grew and settled in 1987 at its current location: Albert Schweitzerstraat. Back then, with 12 trucks and 17 employees.

From father to son - 1990

The baton was handed over to Peter Roemaat in 1990. Entrepreneurship is in the genes, because son Peter quickly grew the company to 50 employees and 30 cars. Specialization in cargo transport became the company's strength. In 2016, 85 employees were employed and around 40 cars were on the road.

Ready for the future - 2019

Thomas Kruip will be officially appointed general director in 2019 and steps are being taken in all areas. From digitization to fleet expansion. The milestones keep coming; in 2022, the director will become the owner of Aloys Roemaat Transport at the age of 37. We are ready for the future.

Together. On the way. - 2024

In 2024, the company has more than 190 employees and 4 branches. The strength is still the same: the “don't prick, brush” mentality, fun and quality. And perhaps most importantly: togetherness.

Our Drive

Delivering the best quality in transport and logistics. Each and every day.

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'MT of the Future'

Innovating, improving, growing: every day, we're focused on the future. The future of the transport world but also that of our people! With our 'MT of the Future,' we keep ourselves sharp.

Large in Size, Small Roemaat at Heart

It all started with a single truck, and now we operate globally. We've grown in size, but the familiar Roemaat feeling has never disappeared. Our Roe-mates can confirm that!

Collaborating with Technology

Even when it comes to data and software, we do it together. We're at the forefront of providing data insights and linking systems for our customers. A step forward every day.
Always Nearby

Roe-mates' Stories

The best stories lie behind the smiling faces of our colleagues. Our drivers, planners, warehouse toppers, and office workers share their Roemaat journey.

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Every day, my team and I are focused on the future: on innovations, sustainability, and implementing new business models. Everything we do must contribute to our company, our staff, and our customers. It's important that we involve and include everyone in the future of Roemaat. We share the most important strategic steps company-wide. Together. On the Road. is our motto for a reason: we need each other to stay ahead."
Thomas Kruip, CEO
"I've been part of Roemaat since 1972. At the age of 12, I started washing trucks, and in the evenings, I helped in the warehouse. At 18, I got a job elsewhere, but I still worked at Roemaat in the evenings and on Saturdays. Aloys and Marietje were like second parents to me; I was here every free moment. When my previous employer went bankrupt and I asked Roemaat when I could start full-time, the answer was: 'You know when, Walter. Tomorrow."
Walter Hanselman, driver & father of Koen
"At the age of three, I had a little tractor with a trailer, and all I did was drive backward all day long. And ever since I turned two, I spent every vacation with my father at Roemaat. At the age of 14, I started as a cleaner in the cleaning services, and in the evenings, I parked the trucks at the dock. My father let me drive around the yard once, and I was sold. For me, there is and has never been any other option than becoming a driver."
Koen Hanselman, driver & son of Walter
"In 2012, I started working for Roemaat; before that, I worked for one of Roemaat's clients. In the meantime, Roemaat took over the entire expedition and logistics. This was a great step; we're now much more involved in the process! From our warehouse in Varsseveld, we arrange everything for the customer: from repacking doors and sorting pallets to preparing orders for dedicated transport. Nice and varied, just how I like it!"
Hans Kämink, warehouse worker Varsseveld
"I've been a driver at Roemaat for over 30 years. Most people know me as 'Kokkie.' I love a lively atmosphere: being sociable, chatting, and having a debate from time to time. I always say: a good driver is the company's representative. Representativeness is important, and fortunately, at Roemaat, it's top-notch. Most of my trips go to the city center of Amsterdam. The challenge of being able to unload everything smoothly there every day is fantastic."
André Kok, driver from the very beginning
"I had been working as a truckdriver at Roemaat for a while when I had a stroke. The doctors' prognosis was not promising. Still, Roemaat gave me the opportunity to gradually rebuild myself. It started with an hour a week, and now it's 40. I'm now a mentor driver, introducing new colleagues to the company and the profession of a driver. When I realize what Roemaat does for people, for me, and for colleagues, it makes me enormously grateful."
Patrick Pardijs, driver and mentor driver
"16 years ago, I cycled past Roemaat with a friend. 'Hey guys, looking for work?!' shouted the then team leader. We started as Saturday helpers, loading and unloading trucks, and now I'm a warehouse team leader. A lot changes quickly in technology; we use advanced systems for inventory and planning. That requires flexibility from people, but together, we get everything done. Young helps old, and vice versa. That's really our strength!"
Tim Beestman, crossdock team leader
"The plan was to work at Roemaat for a year and then go back to school. That one year has turned into over 12 now. I underwent training to become a team leader internally; I now work as a warehouse team leader at the Groenlo location. 'Together' is the most important thing to me. We help each other where needed and only leave when everyone is done. We support each other in every aspect!"
Jordi Nijenhuis, Groenlo Warehouse Team Leader
Onward. Together.

Hop in and ride along, heading into the future together.

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