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Track or create a shipment?
Track or create a shipment?

Drop Shipment & Home Delivery (B2C)

Drop Shipment & Home Delivery (B2C)

In addition to regular B2B transports, we also provide logistics solutions for (online) retailers. We handle the transportation of goods from various wholesalers and manufacturers to consumers, ordered by a retailer. In other words: drop shipment transport.

Navigating through residential areas andurban environments can be challenging, which is why Roemaat has city trailers. These vehicles are shorter than standard trucks, making them more maneuverable and perfect for reaching difficult places!

Efficiency & Sustainability

One of the benefits of drop shipment is that the selling party does not need to maintain inventory. Additionally, the route traveled by the product is shorter, resulting in greater sustainability and a smaller ecological footprint.

Precise Track & Trace

At Roemaat, we prioritize clear communication. We send our Track & Trace link to your customers' personal email addresses, allowing them to track the shipment from start to finish. To ensure smooth delivery, our drivers typically call the recipient approximately one hour before arrival. At Roemaat, everything is coordinated!

Home Delivery

Our drivers deliver drop shipment packages directly to customers' homes, always ensuring delivery up to the front door. If a (suitable) lift is available, we'll even deliver to the top floor.

Want to entrust your transport and logistics to Roemaat? We'll guide you through the options.